Iltakoulu (literally translated Nightschool) is the student association for the students of Political Science and International Relations in University of Tampere. Iltakoulu’s main purpose is to represent the interests of its members in academic affairs as well as to provide a number of various activities for people to enjoy. As a student association we are one of the most active ones considering our relatively small size on the university’s general scale.

Events organized by Iltakoulu include parties, game evenings, sport and culture events, excursions and sauna nights, just to name a few. Like other student associations, Iltakoulu can also influence the curriculum and report any problems, suggestions and wishes to the staff of our department if need be. Also, through various work-related and informational events, Iltakoulu aims to improve the job market competency of its members. All in all, Iltakoulu is a community to which everyone is welcome.

International students are more than welcome to attend the multitude of events that Iltakoulu organizes throughout the year! If you have any questions regarding our organization, events and activities, feel free to contact the board members, we will gladly help.

More information about Iltakoulu for exchange students

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Want to give feedback or make a wish for future events?

Our anonymous feedback form is always open for any comments and suggestions. You can leave your feedback here, and the board will go through all the feedback left on the form.

Board members of Iltakoulu in 2021


Cecilia Ingman

Vice chair & Board member responsible for academic affairs

Jenna Krakau


Juho Lankinen


Ella-Viivi Pelkonen

Board member responsible for communication and social welfare affairs

Jessica Ruohomäki

Board member responsible for events

Eevi Kotiranta

Board member responsible for events

Henriina Rantala

Board member responsible for culture and environmental affairs

Mea Vähä-Jaakkola

Board member responsible for sports and accessibility

Eetu Niemi

Board member responsible for tutoring and equality

Matias Mena

International organizer, board member responsible for international affairs & development cooperation

Ami Lehtinen

Board member responsible for working life affairs and alumni connections

Katariina Partanen

Board member responsible for fund-raising & induction course

Oskari Portaankorva