As a city, Tampere provides great conditions for students. The beautiful city center, Tammerkoski channel, several restaurants, bars and pubs are all within a walking distance from the University campus. Moreover, the student life is extremely active throughout the academic year as there are two universities and several high schools in the city.

Iltakoulu organizes events from small get-togethers to bigger student parties. Our international students are more than welcome to our events! If you want to hang out with Finnish students and get to know our student culture, check these links for information about upcoming events and activities:

Iltakoulu’s official Facebook page

A Facebook group about Iltakoulu news

For every international student of political science or international relations there is also a Finnish tutor. The tutor is the most important link between an exchange student and our student association.

If you have any questions about international tutoring or Iltakoulu’s international affairs please contact our international organizer Sanni Saikkonen (2023), e-mail:


About sport shifts:

Every exchange student is also warmly welcome to our ball gaming and other sport shifts too. For study year 22-23 there is following regular shifts:
On Mondays at 19-20:30 different ball sports (together with Staabi, SOS, Patina and Interaktio)
On Wednesdays at 16-17 Floorball (with Staabi and Boomi)
On Wednesdays 18-19:30 Volleyball
On Thursdays 15-16 Futsal (with Staabi and Boomi)
Please remember that SportUni fee must be paid if you want to attend shifts at Atalpa sport center!

Some other useful links:

The Department of Political Science and International Relations

Teaching Schedule

Student guide