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Tampere City Centre Tour by IK

tammikuu 9 | 16:00

Hello to you, a new exchange student of Iltakoulu! It’s time to get to know your lovely new home town here in the North!

On Tuesday 9th of January Tampere City Centre Tour will take you around to see some sights and great hang out places. After the tour you’ll know, for example, where the best restaurants, pubs and night clubs locate, so you better not to skip this event! We will move on foot and the tour will last approximately two hours. In case it’s really cold or the weather is bad we can end the tour a bit earlier. After the tour we can go to a nice café or pub for some drinks.

WHAT: Tampere City Centre tour Iltakoulu edition
WHERE & WHEN: Tuesday 9th of January at 4 pm, we’ll meet in front of the main entrance of the UTA main building
FOR WHO: Especially the new exchange students of IK and their tutors. Also other IK members are welcomed to join to have a nice walk with our new exchangers!


tammikuu 9